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Premium everyday products that change the way you look and feel. A community to empower you to start your own business without the risks of self-employment.

It doesn’t get better than this.

Referral Program

High Commissions. 3 Types of Bonuses. Insider Discounts. Excited to open doors to your financial freedom?

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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
X+ Happy Customers are Enjoying a Transformed Lifestyle!
— Author's name
Customer reviews
“ That’s the best cup of coffee I have had in my entire life”
— Author's name

KABOSHON™ guarantees high quality products

Proven Quality

Raw materials and processing of the highest quality

Fair trade and compatible with the environment

Manufactured in factories with the highest standards

Extensive Nitches = Higher Commissions

Most Influencers earn only by promoting products of 1 particular niche, limiting their scope of earning commissions. With Kaboshon, you get a chance to work on 3 very broad and everyday nitches comprising of  X+ Product Lines, which means you get a chance to tap into multiple sources of referrals through different products!

Little to No Customer Acquisition Effort

You don’t have to put extensive effort to  “FIND CLIENTS” because Kaboshon is a life-style brand with everyday products - Right from gourmet Coffee, Cufflinks,Ties, Pens, Stationary, Beauty products (with a specialized anti-aging line) and other common lifestyle products.

High Commissions

Kaboshon offers about 60% bonuses on the retail prices, which is one of the highest in the industry.

3 Types of Bonuses for Influencer

Most influencers earn either null or a single bonus. But At Kaboshon, you have an opportunity to earn 3 different types of bonus - Referral, Sales and Leadership Bonus!

For all Members Discounts on Kaboshon Products

Enjoy up to 20% discount on Kaboshon products, shared exclusively with the Member & Influencer community!

Waiting for your Retirement to enjoy life?

Kaboshon Influencer Program

Don’t wait for retirement to start living your life. With Kaboshon Referral Program, you can enjoy attractive paychecks without the stress and risks of running a self-employed business.