Bitter Creamy

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Bitter Creamy

Coffee lovers who prefer a bitter taste tend to prefer Robusta beans. And at 70 percent, our Bitter Creamy coffee has exactly this popular and desired intensity. However, connoisseurs know very well that a unique taste experience is best obtained from a mixture of different coffee beans. For this reason, our new Bitter Creamy blend combines the Robusta variety with the finest properties of the Arabica bean. Careful roasting and origin determine the high quality of our goods. An Arabica content of 30 percent creates a stable taste profile endowed with the aroma of dark chocolate and a vanilla aftertaste.

Arabica and Robusta

Many factors affect the taste of coffee, but the Bitter Creamy represents a truly exquisite blend. The ideal growing conditions result in unforgettable taste experiences - because, without the right temperature, sun intensity, amount of rain and soil properties, the desired aromas will fall by the wayside. Our Robusta beans, cultivated with the greatest care, have a high caffeine content (70 percent) so ensure a precisely dosed effect to wake you up in the morning. And you will love the subtle, sweet note that rounds off our bean mixture in terms of taste. The aroma of dark chocolate with a hint of vanilla underlines the uniqueness of our KABOSHON ™ exceptional coffee.


Our coffees have an excellent blend ratio that meets every individual need for uniqueness in taste. Our version of the Bitter Creamy combines strong notes with a distinctive full-body - the only way to flatter your palate. So if you are searching for the perfect balance and simultaneously love a creamy bitter taste as a high-contrast taste experience, choose our Bitter Creamy flavour.

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