Creamy Gold

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Creamy Gold

A slightly bitter taste has never harmed coffee. This judgment is mainly due to the properties of the Robusta beans, which have a pleasant bitterness. With a share of 20 percent in our Creamy Gold coffee, they give the remaining 80 percent of the Arabica beans precisely the right taste profile. The mixture is given the correct rounding for the individual palate. The combination gets a fascinating flavour complexity from the higher proportion of Arabica varieties cultivated in the highlands. Less caffeine and less acidity make the coffee sweeter and more refined.

Arabica and Robusta

Combining Arabica and Robusta beans of 80 and 20 percent respectively fulfils the taste desire for the right balance between sweetness, creaminess and bitterness. The sweet aromatic note is based on the flavour combination of vanilla and hazelnut. Ideal growing conditions such as the nature of the soil, the amount of rain, the intensity of the sun and the temperature make our Creamy Gold a top-class coffee. After all, the high quality of both types of beans is based on careful roasting. If you are interested in the reasoning behind our special mixing proportions, it is advisable to look at the information on our coffee.


We offer an exquisite selection of beans that differ from other blends in their different mixing ratios, enabling us to cover individual taste needs. Our Crema Oro Creamy Gold coffee mainly stands for the sweet, aromatic taste of vanilla and hazelnut. With a share of 20 percent Robusta beans, a touch of bitterness comes into play, giving the palate exactly the right profile of taste and rounding. Try our unique Creamy Gold and expand your range of flavours.

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