“Francis” – white tie with black points

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“Francis” – white tie with black points

Choosing the right tie can be tricky because the shirt and suit also have to match. While calm pattern combinations characterize business wear, your personal style can also be a little more daring. For example, our stylish "Francis" model, with small black dots on a white background, can be worn to work and on social occasions. As long as the pattern of your tie is stronger than that of the shirt you choose, you can hardly go wrong. In addition, your suit should not have the same dotted pattern as our "Francis" tie. In the attractive gift box, you will find a matching pocket square to complete your look.

Handmade with attention to detail

When it comes to ties, KABOSHON ™ stands for handmade, high quality. They lay claim to a timeless and stylish design. We fulfil this in just one gift box, which you can conveniently stow away in your wardrobe in this practical format. The first touch of the tie reveals the amount of silk in the fabric. The suppleness and the fine texture are perfectly complemented by the higher proportion of polyester with 70 percent. The beneficial properties of the material are particularly evident in the lightweight, ease of care and handling.


 "Francis" convinces with a timeless design. The future favourite is elegant, sophisticated and straightforward in white with black dots. The latter ensures a relaxed and fresh impetus for serious appearances, which is by no means intrusive due to the subtle and classic choice of colours. With the perfectly coordinated blend of silk and polyester, you save time in routine everyday life, as a good piece of fabric does not require extensive maintenance. Moreover, thanks to the wrinkle-free properties, you will look well-groomed all day long. Choose our "Francis" tie; choose quality at a high level.

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