“Jules” – baby blue tie

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“Jules” – baby blue tie

You can achieve a professional and well-groomed look with the right combination of tie, suit and shirt. You should adhere to a specific order. For example, if you want to wear our "Jules" model in "Baby Blue" and the matching pocket square, first select a suit of your choice, then the matching shirt and finally the tie. Create an overall picture in mind, whereby the size of our "Jules" tie's checked pattern should differ from any other patterns. If you have to dress to impress in the morning, choose a plain-coloured shirt. The contrast is created by the attractive tie pattern with a delicate white border and targeted accentuation.

The correct pattern for a harmonious overall appearance

The distinguished lines of the checked pattern in our "Jules" version make every appearance tasteful. With a dark suit and a plain shirt, you will always look professional. If you choose a pattern-free suit and shirt free of patterns, you can team them with any of our models. As a rule of thumb, the suit should always be darker than the shirt for a harmonious colour match with "Jules" and the dark accentuation - in each case arranged in the middle in the check pattern. In terms of colour, the chosen tie lies exactly between the colours of the suit and the shirt.


Appearance is decisive for professional and private success. Prove your taste and sense of style on a professional level with our "Jules" tie. Our gift box holds your future favourite piece together with a matching pocket square in a practical format. The box can be conveniently stowed away in your wardrobe or dressing room. In addition to covering your taste needs, we also take care of master-class craftsmanship. We carefully selected a mixed fabric consisting of 70 percent polyester and 30 percent silk - guarantees a comfortable fit and straightforward maintenance. If you choose "Jules", you are choosing a classic all-rounder.

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