Kaboshon „Golden Sign“

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Kaboshon „Golden Sign“

A unique surface finish characterizes our KABOSHON ™ Golden Sign on Black cufflinks. Polishing and high-quality gilding of the material brass with 24-carat gold results in a piece of jewellery of the finest kind.

The model has what is known as a tail lock, which the wearer initially guides through the cuff holes in an upright position. To close the cufflink, turn the toggle back. If it is at right angles to the connecting piece, the piece of jewellery remains unchanged in its position, and the accessory can no longer be lost. Our curved logo shines on black enamel as a particular highlight.

Gold-plated cufflinks for your signature style

It's not always easy to develop a look that reflects an extraordinary, personal touch. Not every fashion suits every man, and the correct accentuation can make a huge difference. In this regard, small changes can make a big difference. Our KABOSHON ™ Golden Sign on Black cufflinks are the icing on the cake for your signature style, which promises a strong appearance.

As a symbol of high-class life, gold is by no means neutral in our accessories but an element with a message. For this reason, our gold-plated men's jewellery is ideal for important and special occasions such as weddings, business lunches or other formal matters.


Choosing the right cufflinks gives you a personal touch that leaves a lasting impression. Our KABOSHON ™ cufflinks let you prove your fashionable accuracy in every situation. To meet your high demands, we work without exception with experienced manufacturers who also supply other brands with high priority worldwide. So if you prefer a demanding lifestyle, choose KABOSHON ™.

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