Kaboshon „Golden Triangle“

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Kaboshon „Golden Triangle“

Our KABOSHON ™ Golden Triangle cufflinks are characterized by the unique combination of brass alloy, enamel and gold. With a 24-carat gold-plated portion, our men's jewellery meets the highest quality requirements of the demanding, modern man. Furthermore, the equally gold-plated symbol in the form of a triangle shines on elegant, black enamel.

The cufflink has a dial lock as a toggle. Slide it through the cuff hole and rotate it towards the connector, so your accessories are held securely in place. We present our cufflinks to you in an elegant, black box that will look at home in every wardrobe.

Find the right cuff

Cufflinks cannot be attached to every cuff. As a rule, single cuffs cannot be used with men's accessories. But our gold-plated pieces are suitable for French cuffs. Whether square, angled, round or French-European: Our Golden Triangle Cufflinks look stylish and elegant on the four variants of French cuffs. The convertible cuff is also available in a square shape. The wearer can also use them with cufflinks.

Single cuffs can also be modified on your own. We advise against it. A professional men's tailor should always make changes to the cuff.


Anyone who loves looking stylish will find our cufflinks a wise investment for the literally golden appearance on formal occasions. Our company KABOSHON ™, provides the right accessory. The Golden Triangle model emphasizes and signs your individual style. One look at the cufflinks is enough, and the viewer knows that you are a man with high standards. Choose KABOSHON ™, choose a unique lifestyle.

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Yes, for sure!

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Yes, you can.

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