Kaboshon „Honeycomb“

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Kaboshon „Honeycomb“

Our KABOSHON ™ Honeycomb cufflinks are centrally positioned and highlight 18-carat gold plating in the form of a honeycomb. The honeycomb itself is made of stainless steel - one of the most beneficial metal alloys available for men's jewellery. Refurbished, the appearance convinces with shine, class and durability.

The toggle lock has the shape of a dial, which is why the technical jargon also references its dial lock. Our brand name gives it a signed decoration. For uncomplicated use, simply slide the toggle through the cuff hole and lock it.

KABOSHON ™ Honeycomb: Gold always has a message

Those who wear gold-plated cufflinks want to display accents that everyone should see. For this reason, our Honeycomb version is suitable for important events such as weddings, evening events or decisive business lunches.

Since gold is an intense hue, you should combine the men's accessory wisely. Choosing a suit of dark colour is beneficial for a strong contrast. Gold can also be used for the tie and pocket square. Make sure you choose the right cuff because not all of them are suitable for cufflinks.

These cufflinks demonstrate your high-class appearance but also your willingness to protect the bees of our planet. Because with every purchase, two euros go to a charity foundation for bees.


If you want to raise your lifestyle to a high level with first-class accessories, choose men's jewellery from KABOSHON ™. Hardly any other company combines style, elegance and class with the best materials and metals. We only have products produced by manufacturers who also supply other well-known brands around the world. Always attentive to harmony, we deliver our honeycomb cufflinks in an elegant and practical box. If you choose KABOSHON ™, you are always on the right side of history when it comes to fashion.

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