KABOSHON JAPANESE 2-Knife SET Special Edition

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KABOSHON JAPANESE 2-Knife SET Special Edition

A chef's knife and a slicing knife are essential kitchen tools because they are the most frequently used helpers. With the KABOSHON Japanese 2 knife set," we give you two all-rounders who know how to cut, chop, pick up, weigh and slice. Whether meat, vegetables, fruit, cold cuts or bread, the cutting blades made of carbon steel were created for balanced cutting to take the strain off your cooking. The concept of manufacture is based on the benefit of gravity, shape and weight distribution in use. In addition, the ergonomic shape of the non-slip handle increases cutting comfort and ensures absolute safety - for every hand size.

How to use our knives

So that cutting is easy for you, you should know which part of our knives is used and when. The chef's knife has a slightly curved middle section. You use this for soft and hard foods or, for example, for chopping herbs such as chives or parsley. Use the front part of the blade to dice smaller vegetables, such as vegetable onions. While you can chop up smaller pieces of bone with the back of the blade, the wider blade is suitable for flattening and slicing various foods. Cheese, chorizo or baguette rolls can be cut through and open all along the line with the slicing knife.


Cooking should always be fun. This is only possible with perfect kitchen equipment, which includes a high-quality knife set like the one from our company KABOSHON ™. We produce our knife set Special Edition from an experienced manufacturer who has been perfecting the craftsmanship of premium quality knives since the 19th century. As a matter of principle, we only have our products produced by manufacturers who supply other world-famous brands. Equip your kitchen with the highest quality cutting knives and choose KABOSHON ™.

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