KABOSHON JAPANESE 3-Knife SET Special Edition

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KABOSHON JAPANESE 3-Knife SET Special Edition

With the "KABOSHON Japanese 3-knife set", your kitchen will be equipped with all-rounders at the highest level. Our Santoku, bread and vegetable knives are made of carbon steel, sharper, more stable and harder than other steels. During production, the blades are forged thinly so that they have these excellent properties. The favourite of all culinary artists may be the Santoku knife, which is versatile with its sharp bevel (cutting edge) and wide blade. Thanks to the intelligently designed cutting blades, you can cut fish, meat or vegetables harmoniously, and this also applies to the bread knife and the paring knife. The handles are non-slip and suitable for every hand size. Whether beginner or advanced, our knives are ideal for everyone.

Prepare delicious dishes with ease

If you want to prepare sushi or sashimi, choose the Santoku knife with the typical trough-like, embossed indentations. They promote the formation of air pockets during the cutting work. Soft and thin slices no longer stick to the knife blade. In addition, the blade is much wider than the European chef's knife and sticks out from under the knife handle. This creates more space between your fingers and the cutting board. The amateur chef can use the serrated bread knife included in the KABOSHON ™ knife set for hard or soft bread. The blade cuts hard crusts of different types of bread well and even the tough skin of a pineapple. Use the slim paring knife for vegetables, onions, herbs and garlic.


At KABOSHON ™, we only select manufacturers for production-related cooperation who also supply other internationally known brands. Our knives come from a manufacturer who has specialized in knives since the 19th century. Craftsmanship at its finest is the result due to the forging technique, the carbon steel and the grip. If you choose KABOSHON ™, you choose only the best kitchen knives.

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