“Max” – red tie with silver points

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“Max” – red tie with silver points

In a robust red colour, subtle with silver dots: Our KABOSHON ™ "Max" tie impresses with its intensity and classic look. The simple dotted pattern contrasts perfectly with dark suits and plain-coloured shirts in white or light blue tones, for example. Moreover, we have put together a gift box for you for business and everyday life, which also contains a matching pocket square. In its practical format, you can conveniently keep it in your wardrobe. The "Max" blend consists of 30 percent silk and 70 percent polyester, which combines the best properties of the materials.

The perfect fabric for everyday life

Ties also need to be looked after, which is especially true for fashion items made from pure silk. To minimise the care required, it is best to choose the KABOSHON ™ blend of silk and polyester. The higher proportion of polyester makes the "Max" model crease-free and light in weight, while the silk content ensures softness and an elegant appearance. We carefully handcraft ties of high quality for everyday professional and private use. "Max" can be combined with other patterns as long as they differ in the size of the tie pattern. If you want to look daringly stylish, the pattern of the suit and shirt should be different.


Our KABOSHON ™ ties can be worn in many ways due to the adaptable patterns we have given our best pieces. If you want to look traditionally dignified, team "Max" with a green Tweet jacket, a Tweet vest and a light shirt. This combination works well for an elegant country look. Your combination options with "Max" range from the business style to celebration chic to the classic hunting and riding party wear. Choose "Max" and add a piece of jewellery to your wardrobe.

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