Men Shorts

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Men Shorts

Finding the perfect underwear for men is not always easy. Nothing should pinch, sag or be too tight. When playing sports, boxer shorts that are cut too wide are annoying. If they are too snug, the fabric digs in and feels uncomfortable. The KABOSHON ™ Men Trunks are just right - neither too narrow nor too wide. Optimal wearing comfort can be yours thanks to the intelligent cut and the fabric mix of bamboo and cotton. The upper band made of elastane ensures a secure hold. The combination combines the best properties of the fabrics.

Casual and comfortable through the day

The short legs and the hip cut make for excellently cut trunks. Our special shorts for men are suitable for both professional and private everyday life. It goes with every outfit. You are welcome to wear tighter jeans or a tight-fitting suit. The casual fit is not evident on the outside. The material blend of 68 percent bamboo and 27 percent cotton optimizes moisture absorption and ensures adequate air circulation. Anyone who is on the go all day needs our breathable model of the best quality.


All our underwear is produced by manufacturers who also supply other well-known brands around the world. When choosing, we prioritize competence and ecologically sound materials. In search of the best possible wearing comfort, we offer a combination of the best fabrics. Bamboo and cotton are the leading components that cannot be surpassed in their unique properties. So if you already have wide boxer shorts and tight pants in your closet, all you need now is the golden mean: our KABOSHON ™ men’s trunks.

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