Men Tank Top

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Men Tank Top

When doing sports, you don't just want to be functionally dressed; you also want to look good. The tank top for men by KABOSHON ™ is an essential basic that should not be missing in your wardrobe. The fabric lies close to the skin and emphasizes the masculine appearance. The cut features a round neckline and free arms for optimal comfort. The blend of bamboo and cotton fabric ensures freshness on the beach or during sports. The predominant proportion of bamboo with 68 percent also provides three to four times more moisture absorption and effectively wicks away sweat. Our crease-free men's tank top adapts ideally due to the elasticity of the fabric.

Multifunctional through the day

Tank tops are true all-rounders in private everyday life. When playing sports, our men's tank top fulfils every functionality. The material combination of bamboo and cotton ensures long-lasting freshness because the unique microfibres have increased absorbency. Microscopic pores offer excellent air circulation, cooling or warming your core depending on the outside temperature. The bamboo fabric has another plus point; the antistatic effect prevents static charging of the hair when putting on the tank top. The practicality is also reflected in the ease of care. The fabric dries quickly and does not wrinkle.


Basics belong in a man's wardrobe. For the best months of the year, it is worth buying several versions. Friends of sporting activities always have access to a new KABOSHON ™ tank top. Our intelligently selected material combination is only produced by experienced manufacturers who also supply other leading brands. This enables us to ensure competence and reliability in the selection of perfectly ecological materials. If you are looking for a mixture of skin-friendliness, perfect wearing comfort, functionality and style, choose our men tank top.

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