OPC + Curkuma

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OPC + Curkuma

Your body is exposed to the responsiveness of free radicals every day. They damage cellular structures in your body. The result: The cell functions only take up their work to a limited extent. Damage of this kind is passed on during natural cell division. The affected tissue leads to premature ageing of the skin and makes you weak and sick. To counteract this, the organism needs the best raw materials in the context of a dietary supplement. With the KABOSHON ™ OPC and turmeric food supplement, an antioxidant effect develops in the organism with protection against diseases. OPC, also known as oligomeric proanthocyanidins, strengthens the immune system, while turmeric has additional valuable properties. 


The phytochemicals from the group of polyphenols are mainly obtained from grape seeds. Once ingested, the grape seed extract traps the free radicals in the body. The antioxidant effect has been shown to have better results than vitamin C or vitamin E. Because free radicals are the main culprits in attacking elastin and collagen, OPC is required to counteract the onslaught. By repairing damaged skin cells, the active ingredient restores structural proteins such as collagen. The nutritional supplement gets a double effect from turmeric, the yellow root from the ginger plant family. The essential oils and curcumin it contains have anti-inflammatory effects.


As a trading company, KABOSHON ™, we have our dietary supplements produced exclusively by experienced manufacturers who also supply other well-known brands worldwide. Our unique selection of manufacturer partners guarantees high quality. Competence and approach are always checked so that our products receive the best raw materials. In addition, our quality awareness is expressed in exclusively vegan cellulose capsules. Our KABOSHON ™ OPC and turmeric capsules are free from gelatine, lactose, gluten and other residues. If you want to support a healthy lifestyle, choose our combination of active ingredients.

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