“Phillipe” – navy blue tie

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“Phillipe” – navy blue tie

If you are in the business world and would like to combine your tie with other outfits effortlessly, our "Phillipe" in "Navy Blue" fits the bill. The striped pattern is perfectly adapted to the basic principle of the correct spacing of the stripes with regard to the formality of the occasion and everyday professional life. Furthermore, the matching pocket square from KABOSHON ™ completes a stylish appearance. Both are combined in our attractive and discreet gift box. With a silk content of 30 percent, the fabric embodies elegance in appearance and texture.

The perfect blend of silk and polyester

The right blend makes many things perfect, and the same applies to the choice of material for the tie. Our navy blue "Phillipe" tie design is made from 30 percent silk and 70 percent polyester. The high proportion of polyester as a material is particularly impressive due to its favourable properties: The generous ratio of silk makes your tie easy to care for, largely crease-free and light in weight. In combination with pure silk, the designer piece feels soft and luxurious. A matt sheen accentuates the subtle stripe pattern, which is impressive but not intrusive.


If you are looking for a tie with versatile qualities, pay attention to the blend of fabrics. The "Phillipe" model covers several needs in terms of ease of care, texture, well-being and style. Pure silk takes the top position among luxury fabrics, but it is more complex to care for and prone to creasing. If you intend to wear your favourite item for several days, you need a tie that combines your perfect style with uncomplicated handling. The same applies to the elegant matching pocket square. If you choose "Phillipe", you will always be on the safe side, both professionally and privately.

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