Pure Harmony

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Pure Harmony

If you are looking for a full-bodied taste spectrum, you will find it in the KABOSHON ™ coffee Dolce Crema Pure Harmony. Sweet, clear, and intense flavours are all-encompassing based on a hundred percent high-quality Arabica beans from the highlands. The king bean among coffee types goes hand in hand with the taste of white chocolate and vanilla in our Pure Harmony blend. A strong taste of sugar underlines the delicious combination of the coffee in its purest form. In addition, Arabica beans contain less caffeine and have a low chlorogenic acid content; beneficial for the harmonious interplay of aromas.

Arabica in its purest form

The all-rounder among coffee beans is grown at altitudes between 600 and 2100 metres above sea level, which is why they are referred to as highland or mountain coffee. The cultivation of these coffee plants is complex, so the Arabica bean we purvey is considered high quality. You can taste the fresh air environment, soil conditions, temperature and certain weather conditions from the aroma of our Pure Harmony coffee. The taste of white chocolate and vanilla makes this exceptional coffee your personal favourite in its purest form. This is especially true if you prefer a robust and sweet note.


Connoisseurs and coffee lovers love to expand their existing wealth of experience. However, to be on the safe side in terms of quality, you should avoid unnecessary mistakes. Reliability lies in our range of selected Arabica beans from carefully cultivated growing areas of the best quality. Our Pure Harmony coffee comes from a high-quality roast which, together with the sweet taste notes, brings a unique spectrum of flavours to the market. One hundred percent Arabica represents pure enjoyment. If you, too, would like to expand your wealth of experience, try our Pure Harmony coffee.

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