“Romeo” – rosa tie

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“Romeo” – rosa tie

The pink "Romeo" tie from KABOSHON ™ is part of the delicate world of fine nuances. Fashion-conscious men like to use this striking colour because it stands out from dull business colours of blue and grey. The embossed pattern of the fabric surface is reminiscent of a herringbone pattern. Our model is designed with a unique tonal flair enabling you to achieve the highest degree of subtle radiance, especially at private celebrations. The fabric consists of a mixed fabric in which the best properties of silk and polyester are combined. Seventy percent polyester provides flexibility, ease of care and crease resistance. Silk makes the fabric soft and elegant.

Pink: Courageous and subtle at the same time

If you like to be bold with colour, opt for pink ties. With a fresh and at the same time subtle effect, you will be noticed, for example, at weddings or prom. One of our most beautiful models looks particularly classy with a white or light blue shirt. You can combine this with a plain blue suit in a dark colour—team with a black suit for a striking contrast. To get an overall impression, lay out the fine fashion pieces in front of your eyes: first the suit, then the shirt and finally our "Romeo" tie with the dark blue accents incorporated into the fabric.


The "Romeo" model from KABOSHON ™ impresses with its excellent choice of colours, which combines tact with timeless elegance. Embedded in a shirt and suit, your future favourite piece will be the icing on the cake with stylish assertiveness. The tie will look perfect all day as you can rely on our expertly chosen blended fabric. Silk and polyester offer you the best material properties for this. Choose "Romeo" in our practical gift box.

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