Women Panty

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Women Panty

A woman's underwear must meet several criteria simultaneously: It must offer comfort and safety and accentuate the figure, adding to your attractiveness. KABOSHON ™ Women's Pants in black or white have all the qualities of a perfect pair of briefs. The snug-fitting fabric is made of bamboo and cotton and almost reaches the waist, securely held by an elastic band - so there is no risk of sagging. The combination of materials also makes the fabric soft and comfortable, without the wearer feeling uncomfortable with seams cutting into the skin.

The all-rounder of panties

Our women's pants are exceptionally soft on the skin. The material combination of 68 percent bamboo and 27 percent cotton ensures maximum wearing comfort, preventing chafing on the skin and in the area of ​​the intimate zone. Furthermore, the elastic cuffs ensure sufficient stretch when moving. The fit around the thighs, rear, and waist is perfect, thanks to the blend of fabrics. In addition, our close-fitting model emphasizes the figure and is ideal for teaming with figure-hugging sports trousers or higher-cut jeans. In addition, the slightly higher waist pants cleverly conceal smaller fat deposits.


Underwear feels best when you can barely feel it. Like a second skin, we have the best pieces made for you. We only work with manufacturers who also supply other well-known brands. At the international level, we stand for reliability in the selection of ecologically valuable materials. You can wear our women's pants safely through the day without creating unpleasant body odours. Thanks to our excellent combination of materials, you can rely on maximum breathability. Treat your wardrobe to one of our best designs.

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