Women Sport Bra

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Women Sport Bra

Sports enthusiasts prefer to wear sports bras for sports as they ensure freedom of movement and maximum comfort. The Sports Bra for women by KABOSHON ™ represents the most uncomplicated form among the sports bras. Our model has no fastening and can be pulled comfortably and quickly over the head onto the chest thanks to the stretchy material. The straps come together at the back - in the sports world, this cut is also known as the “racer-back”. In addition, the material mix of bamboo and cotton makes the fabric exceptionally breathable and soft - two factors that are essential for the sporting sector.

Freedom of movement without restrictions

The excellent fit of our KABOSHON ™ Sports Bras for sporty women is due to the flowing cut without closure. The stretchable microfibres and the model structure ensure that the bra fits the covered part of the body equally tightly. The absence of a hook fastener on the back makes handling more accessible and more convenient. With a high proportion of 68 percent bamboo, the fabric mixture offers maximum breathability and skin tolerance. The fibre structures of the extraordinary material absorb three to four times more moisture than cotton. The fabric also cools or warms depending on the outside temperature. With 27 percent cotton, your future favourite piece can effectively regulate the water vapour generated when you sweat.


KABOSHON ™ Underwear stands for the highest level of comfort. We only work with manufacturers who also supply other well-known brands. Our priority is to meet the individual requirements of our customers. Our Sports Bra will improve your quality of life because your chest’s natural, elliptical movement will no longer be restricted while running. With a secure hold, you can concentrate on your sport. Choose our sports bra and rely on the highest level of durability.

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