Women Thong

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Women Thong

The search for the perfect underwear for low-slung trousers, for example, shouldn't take too long as there is a wide selection available. But not all close-fitting briefs have the desired advantage. Abrasive fabrics and an ill-fitting cut can make them bothersome to wear. Our KABOSHON ™ Women Thong model consists of an intelligently chosen combination of materials: bamboo and cotton ensure maximum comfort without the fabric cutting into the skin. Bamboo microfibers have an extremely flexible structure and offer increased absorption of sweat. The ideal breathability with excellent air circulation makes them comfortable at all times, especially when wearing tight and brightly coloured clothing.

Perfect fit for tight fashion pieces

Our Women's Thong has exactly the width on the side strips of fabric, making it very comfortable to wear under denim waistbands. Our underwear does not collide with the seam of clothing worn over it, thanks to the ingenious pattern. Even with short and tight-fitting fashion pieces, our thong is invisible. The supple and well-fitting fabric integrates perfectly into the body's movements so that the worn underwear is not noticeable to the outside. The bamboo fabric (68%) combined with cotton takes you through everyday professional, private or sporting life without moisture stains.


The combination makes our underwear reliable companions, and this applies above all to the ecologically valuable materials we have selected, bamboo and cotton. Our product lines also ensure a stylish and complete look—our Women's Thong versions in black and white match the sports bra of the same underwear. If you prefer the highest quality, choose KABOSHON ™ for your personal needs. Our Women Thong complements the fashion you choose for your everyday life.

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